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MVC Helper Extensions

Project Description
MVC Helper Extensions is a .NET library that makes creating links within your ASP.NET MVC application a snap by eliminating the need to repetitively specify controller names, action names and model ids for HTMLHelpers. It can also save you from "magic string" pitfalls in MVC.

Instead of calls like this in your MVC views:
 <%= Html.ActionLink("Person #3 - Hard Way", "Details", "People", new { ID = person3.ID }, null /*HTML attributes*/) %> 

Improve your code by using the MVC Helper Extensions:
 <%= Html.LinkTo(“Person #3 - Easy Way”, person3) %> 

There is no more need to specify controller names, action names and model ID's manually time and time again.

Getting Started

To help you get started you might want to take a look at the QuickStart Guide:

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Download the project

What are you waiting for? Give MVC Helper Extensions a try!


Why should you care about MVC Helper Extensions? Read about it here:

The project is open for all to use. The only thing I ask is that you please leave me some feedback here or on my blog. Tell me that you are using it or suggest new features. Send a patch if you feel so inclined!

I will get more info and documentation posted as I find time to do so. You can follow my blog entries about this project and others at

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